Why is the payout account not verified, and status on false?

Was the payout verification in the backoffice checked, to see if the cause is listed there? 

Have the conditions of uploading the Identity verification documents been met?

  • The file size shouldn’t exceed 10MB.
  • The file format should be JPG or PNG.
  • Documents must be uploaded in colour scans and not in black and white scans. Photocopies of identity documents are not acceptable.
  • Documents must not have expired.
  • Complete documents must be uploaded:
    • upload both front and back of driver's licence or ID card;
    • the entire page with personal information from the passport.
  • Completely include the names on your identity document in the verification form. This means that you must enter the first and last names exactly as indicated on your identity document. These names are only used for the payment & verification at Stripe and are not visible anywhere on the platform.
  • Document must always be re-uploaded in the event of an error (both front and back), even if the document is in order. This is because we do not save the document ourselves.

Have the conditions of uploading the Address Verification on documents been met?

  • The name and address on the document must be the same as you filled in at the top of this form.
  • The document is not expired as stated above.
  • The document must not be cropped or covered and the texts must be legible. One page is sufficient, as long as the recipient's name and address are clearly stated on it.
  • The file format must be JPG or PNG.
  • The file size must be 10 MB or less.
  • Did you wait around three days?
    Sometimes Stripe takes a little longer to verify an account. Status shows "The account is waiting for a review". We ask this a number of times whether that has already happened, but if they have not verified within that time then it can happen that the status stays on False. You can then use the Check status button to check the status. Don't press 'Save'!

If you checked all of the above and status is still on False and you don't know why, please contact GoodUp Product Support.