What is matching and how do I set it up?

Matching funds in crowdfunding refer to a type of incentive provided by the organisation behind the platform, a fund or a program running the platform, that agrees to contribute with a certain amount of money to a crowdfunding campaign, based on the amount raised by the campaign. 

The matching funds are typically provided on a euro-for-euro basis, which means that for every euro raised by the campaign, the matching funds contributor will contribute an additional dollar. Supporters may be more willing to donate if they know that their donation will be matched by additional funds.

When a certain amount of money is "matched", this increases the amount raised. The matched amount will be shown on the campaign page. Also, the bar will turn into a different shade than normal, as can be seen here: 

How to set it up

The matching functionality can be used immediately. Go to the crowdfunding page in the backoffice and scroll down on the first tab, Detail. 

Note that this is purely a visible amount, no real donations are linked to this. The Platform Manager is responsible that these funds will be transferred to the campaigner.