What about data privacy and security?

What about data privacy and security?

For a complete overview of our privacy and security, visit the Privacy Policy page on the GoodUp website.
Every platform has a link to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy to ensure every user on the platform can access this information. 

Information when creating an account
When creating an account on our platforms, our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy will be highlighted to ensure users understand that by continuing on the platform they agree with the aforementioned.

Withdrawing consent and downloading personal information
A member is able to withdraw their consent. As it is not possible to use our platform without accepting our terms, withdrawing consent is equal to deactivating one's account. (See screenshot below)
As a member, it is possible to download your personal information from the platform via your account.

Create an account by email or by connecting to Facebook
In 'My Account' it is clear whether an account was created by email or by connecting to Facebook.

Deactivating your account
If a member decides they no longer wish to have an account on your platform, it can be deactivated. Because members' actions are crucial for the working of the platform, it will not be possible to delete one's account entirely. Projects would then, for example, no longer have an initiator or task members would vanish.

We will delete all personal information linked to an account though. This means that if someone decides to deactivate their account, information such as their name and email address will be permanently removed from the database.

A deactivated member will then also be displayed as such.

Because deleting an account is irreversible, we included a warning for members when they click on the deactivation button to make sure that they will not accidentally delete their account. 

Secured payout information
Read the following article to understand how we secure our payouts.

Donating anonymously
Some supporters wish to donate anonymously, therefore we offer an option to donate anonymously. (See the screenshot below)

Changing your password, email address and permission
Members can request a password reset via the platform when they have forgotten their password. The Platform Manager also has the ability to reset a password via the backoffice which automatically triggers a password reset email to the user.

To ensure that access to and the management of the backoffice is limited and secure, it is not possible to assign account rights that you don't have yourself.

If you have 'staff' permissions you will not be able to assign someone else 'staff' and/or 'financial' permissions. This also means that these groups don't appear in the drop down menu when assigning permissions.

Furthermore, it will not be possible to change the email address of accounts with permissions that you don't have. If someone wishes to change their email address, they can do so via their account page. 

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our Product Support Manager. She'll be happy to help.