Reporting definitions


List of definitions that are used in the reporting dashboard.

  • User
    A person that visits the platform with or without an account.
  • Visitor
    A person that visits the platform without an account.
  • Member
    A person that has an account on our platform.
  • New member
    A person that has an account on our platform and visits the platform for the first time.
  • Participant
    A person that participates in a deed, collect or time-based activity.
  • Donor
    A person that has donated to a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Contribution
    Anytime a user joins, applies, donates to an activity or creates an activity, a contribution is created. For activities with multiple slots or that take place periodically multiple contributions are created. If an activity requires preparation time an additional contribution is created.
  •  Contribution states
    • Succeeded: A contribution we count as successful.
    • New: A contribution for which the activity has yet to take place and/or the participant has yet to be accepted.
    • Failed: A contribution that we don't count for various reasons. Examples: the participant has withdrawn, the activity is cancelled, or the donation failed.
  • Contribution types
    • Deed: For participating in a deed activity.
    • Donation: For donating to a crowdfunding activity.
    • Time: For participating in a time-based activity. Contributions created for preparation time are included here as well.
    • Collect: For participating in a collect activity.
    • Organising: For creating an activity.
  • Contribution create date
    Reflects the moment on which the action that creates a contribution is taken on our platform.
  • Contribution count date
    Approximation of the moment on which the contribution is executed. This is different across activity types.
    Example: a contribution for an activity with no start or end date is counted on the same date as the create date. A contribution for an activity that takes place on a specific date will be counted on that date.
  • Contributor
    A person with at least one contribution value with the status succeeded.
  • Euros donated
    The total amount of money donated was converted to Euros.
  • Hours spent
    The total amount of time spent in hours for time-based activities.
  • Potential reach
    Target for the number of users in a (fiscal) year.
  • Yearly contributor target
    Target for the number of contributors in a (fiscal) year.