Platform 101



Welcome. Here you will learn all about the platform we launched at GoodUp to support you and your colleagues in your strive to make a great impact. Our goal was to develop a product which could engage and empower employees to become a force for good. We created it for you, so that you can bring it to life!

We designed a platform that allows you to organise, communicate and prove your positive impact on the world by setting up initiatives and activities. On top of that our platform has numerous features to enable you and your colleagues to personalise your platform to fit your branding and programme. This aspect is central in order to keep employees constantly engaged. 

As a new user, you may be wondering what initiatives and activities are. In our platform your ideas are translated into initiatives. An initiative is a project or campaign with the purpose of making a positive impact on a specific cause. Each initiative can have multiple activities associated with it, which are actions taken to achieve the overarching goal of the initiative. 

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Activities encompass three kinds of actions: events and volunteering, challenges and deeds, giving and collecting. In order to bring more structure to your platform, you can organise initiatives and their respective activities into themes and segments. You are then free to play and experiment with these filters as much as you like!

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Each member has the chance to pick and choose among various themes on his profile. This makes it possible to productively match members with activities that interest them. We also have segments, customisable user fields, which represent the various branches of your company, such as different business units, departments or job title, for example. Initiatives, activities and members can all be added to a segment. Each segment consists of its own page, which can be filled with content and some branding options. Lastly, we added an ‘Office’ filter, to make sure you can open up activities to specific groups of users, based on their location. You can now choose whether an activity is made available for any office, or only for specific ones.

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Let’s now get down to the nitty-gritty of our platform and get acquainted with the technical terminology. Our platform is fundamentally divided into a backoffice and a frontend, an “invisible” and a “visible” office. The backend is the side of the platform where the management takes place in an interactive overview. You can access the backend by following the url: ‘<your-platform>/admin and clicking on ‘login with SSO’ if you have SSO enabled, or on ‘login with your username/password’. 

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Here the Platform Managers are able to influence what happens in the frontend, the homepage which users employ, as well as define themes and segments. 

Other figures worth mentioning are Initiators, who can create and manage initiatives, and Contributors, which contribute personally to activities. You can find out more about the relevant roles and user types here. 

We definitely acknowledge the importance of being able to collect data about the positive contributions you and your colleagues have made. For this reason, we created a space in the backend where you can find a detailed overview of the impact made. Here, the various tools enable you to customise and create useful reports to prove how beneficial the initiatives that you organised have been. You also have access to more specific insights concerning the employees’ engagement in the contributions, and the amount of time spent on these. We are proud to announce that in 2022 we contributed to more than 10000 Acts of impact! 

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To find out more about the Reporting feature, head to our Knowledge Base {relevant article on how to create dashboards with your company’s data}.