How to set up co-financing?

Co-financiers are supporters who deserve a little more attention. They could, for example, be supporters who donate larger amounts or companies who donate in return for visibility.

Co-financing is a payment method used by companies and organisations that want to donate a matching amount. When making this donation, the financer gets a separate notification on the campaign page. In order for co-financiers to make a co-financing donation, they need an extra activation from the backoffice. 

If you want to name someone ‘co-financier’, go to the dashboard and select 'Members' under 'Members', in the top right corner of the menu. 

There you select the member you want to make a co-financer. Once you are on their member page, go to the tab 'Main'. There, you can tick the box to make someone a co-financer.

Now the member can donate as a co-financer. Their payment will take place in a regular way but their name will be shown separately on the activity page.

To give them the spotlight, the co-financiers show up at the top of the update wall and will be pinned to the top of the ambassador's list, see below:

If the co-financier wants to pledge the donation and can’t pay via the platform, they can use the pledge option for this. Read this article to find out you can set pledging up.