How to create an initiative


1. Create an initiative

First, you’ll create your initiative.  An initiative is a project or campaign with the purpose of making a positive impact on a specific cause. Each initiative can have multiple activities associated with it, which are actions taken to achieve the overarching goal of the initiative. This initiative explains your bigger why. Here you can tell your story and inspire people to help you. View here which fields are included when creating an initiative.

On this page, you can start your Initiative.  It usually states the most important notifications before starting a project, so read it carefully. 

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1. Creating an initiative - Let's start with the basics 

What do I need?

When you start an initiative, it’s easiest to have these things ready but don't worry, when working through the different steps, all changes will be saved automatically in a draft. 

  • A clear & strong title and pitch. A great pitch will help you achieve your goal. A pitch is a short text in which you explain what your plan is and what you need to realise it.

  • A compelling story in which you explain what you are going to do, what you need and why it is important. Make it personal, concrete and actionable.
  • An appealing image. Your image will look best if you use a landscape image (16:9) with a minimum width of 800px.

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2. Creating an initiative - Bring it to life Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 11.24.44

3. Creating an initiative - Add partner organisation (optional) 

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4.  Add an activity to complete your initiative

2.  Add activities

To make your initiative actionable, you’ll need to add activities. How can people help you?

3. Submit for review

Once everything is done, you submit your initiative for review. The status of your initiative changes from 'draft' to 'in review', as long as your initiative is in review, it can’t be edited.

If you need to change something, your platform manager will let you know. The status of your initiative changes to 'Needs work' and you are able to edit it again.  If not, you’re good to go! Your platform manager will change the status to 'Approved'. Meaning your initiative will be online and running.  Learn more how to review an initiative as platform manager.