How to create and manage a team activity?

Go to an existing initiative or create a new initiative, and select ‘add an activity’.

Then you select the activity type ‘With time’ and in the next step you select ‘During a period’. This is the only available activity type for teams.
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On the page where you create an activity, answer the question ‘How will people participate in this activity?’ with the option ‘With their team’.

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The questions for setting up a team activity are similar to setting up a regular activity, but here’s some additional information:

  • Dates and time

Set a start and end date for the period in which the teams will participate in this activity. Then you set how many hours it will take each team member and if the teams will take part in the activity during that period just once or daily/weekly/monthly. 

Select ‘in total’, if a team only needs to participate once. In that case: after a team has signed up, you can select a specific date and time for that team (see below under ‘managing a team activity’).

  • Location

Select the location where the activity will take place. This can be a specific location where the activity takes place for all teams. But this can also be a broader region (i.e. Amsterdam) in that case, you can assign a specific location to each team. Select online/remote if teams can participate from anywhere.


  • Team limit

You can set a limit for the number of teams that can participate. It is not possible to set a limit for the size of a team.


  • Accepting teams

You can choose between accepting teams manually or automatically. The team captain can only invite team members after the team has been accepted.

Managing a team activity


Accepting team registrations

When a new team is registered for your activity, you (as activity manager) will receive an email notification. Depending on how you have decided to accept a new team, the team is either automatically participating in your activity, or you need to accept them first.

From the page of your activity you will be able to accept the registered teams.

 The team captain can only invite team members, after the team is accepted.


Settling on a date with the team captain

The email notification for when a new team is registered, includes the email address of the team captain. Use this to reach out to the team captain to settle on the date and time for when the team will do the activity, and a location for where the team needs to be.

Once this is done, go to the activity page. Scroll down to the teams list and select the team.

Here you can add the date, time and location. After you have done this, the team will move from the unscheduled to the scheduled list.

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Viewing a team

When you select a team from the team list, the team modal opens. Here you can see all the members of the team and remove team members, if needed. A team captain can’t remove members from their team, so they might ask the activity manager to do this.


Register and manage your team

Visit the detail page of a team activity and select the button ‘Register your team’.

Now you have created a team under your name, and you are the team captain.

Based on how the activity is set up, you are either directly accepted or the activity manager will accept you manually. Only after you are accepted, you will be able to invite team members. 


As a team captain, you are the contact person for the activity manager. The activity manager will reach out to you to settle on a specific date, time, and location if needed.

With everything in place, you are ready to invite your team members.

Select the button ‘view and invite team’ to see your team members and to get the link to invite your team members.

You will be notified by email, when a person accepts your team invite.

When you need to remove a member from your team, you can either ask the person to withdraw from your team or ask the activity manager to remove the member for you.


Joining a team

You can only join a team with an invitation. The captain of a team will invite you by sharing a special team link with you. Open that link to join the team.

You will visit the activity page, where you will see on the right side the information about the team you have been invited to join. The name of the team is equal to the name of the team captain.

Once a date and time is added to the team, you can add the activity to your calendar from the team page.

Select ‘View your team’, to see who else is participating. Behind your own name, you will see your status.

If you no longer wish to be part of the team, you can withdraw yourself, by selecting your status and then select 'withdraw'.