How to create a team activity?

Go to an existing initiative or create a new initiative, and select ‘add an activity’.

Then you select the activity type ‘With time’ and in the next step you select ‘During a period’. This is the only available activity type for teams.


On the page where you create an activity, answer the question ‘How will people participate in this activity?’ with the option ‘With their team’.



The questions for setting up a team activity are similar to setting up a regular activity, but here’s some additional information:


Dates and time

Set a start and end date for the period in which the teams will participate in this activity. Then you set how many hours it will take each team member and if the teams will take part in the activity during that period just once or daily/weekly/monthly. 

Select ‘in total’, if a team only needs to participate once. In that case: after a team has signed up, you can select a specific date and time for that team (see below under ‘managing a team activity’).



Select the location where the activity will take place. This can be a specific location where the activity takes place for all teams. But this can also be a broader region (i.e. Amsterdam) in that case, you can assign a specific location to each team. Select online/remote if teams can participate from anywhere.


Team limit

You can set a limit for the number of teams that can participate. It is not possible to set a limit for the size of a team.


Accepting teams

You can choose between accepting teams manually or automatically. The team captain can only invite team members after the team has been accepted.