How to add translations?

  1. Go to and login, top right
  2. Go to my profile, top right
  3. Click on Reef, under Projects
  4. Select language, in this case, Portuguese, Brazilian 
  5. Click on Translate All, top right
  6. Translate and click Save 
    - type the translation in the Enter translation here, field 
    - approve the suggested translation by clicking the ✓
  7. Continue to the next translation  

Please do not adjust the breaks "<br>" and parameters, like {name}. If you encounter an incomplete parameter, please fix it. E.g: "{date", should be "{date}".

If you have questions or comments or see any issues or incorrect translations on a specific string, you can use the comment side menu on the right: 


New text, approximately 20/30 new strings per month, are continuously added, therefore we recommend you to add a reminder to your calendar every month to translate these.

How to add translations? (see if we can embed the video)