How does the matching functionality work?

What is the matching functionality feature? 

We have developed the matching functionality to make it easy for everybody to find initiatives and activities that they love. This functionality enables initiative and visitor matching based on parameters such as: initiative location, skills, and expertise of the platform visitors.

How does it work?

When clicking on Search activities, the button message below (see screenshot) will be shown. The platform member gets two calls to action: ‘Yes, set my preferences’ and ‘No, thanks’. When clicking ‘No, thanks’, the message disappears and you can continue browsing the platform. When clicking 'Yes set my preferences', the platform member will be walked through the steps below. 

Please note that this message appears automatically every six months to every platform member. 

So, in case the platform member would like to update their preferences, the following views are displayed.

Step 1: What are your expertises?

Step 2: What themes are you interested in?

Step 3: Where are you located?

The platform member is not obliged to fill in all three, steps can be left blank. Once filled in, the settings are saved to the personal profile. The platform member can adapt these preferences any time in the profile settings.

Once the new settings are saved, the platform member can see that those initiatives, in the activities overview, are displayed based on a match with their skills, expertise and/or location.  

After every step in ‘Set your preferences’, we ask whether the platform member would be interested in receiving email notifications when an initiative is matching the respective skills, expertise and / or location. So currently NO emails are generated when a member ticks the box.

How to activate the matching functionality from the backoffice?

If you would like to activate this functionality on your platform, you need to activate it from your backoffice. Follow the following steps for activation:

  1. Log in to the backoffice.
  2. Enable the matching module under ‘Settings’ > ‘Notification settings’ by ticking the box ‘Match Options’.
  3. Open the ‘Options’ tab under ‘Settings’>’Initiative Settings’. Here you can find a field to enable the option for users to subscribe to the monthly update with matching activities tailored to them.

  1. Click on the green Save button at the end of the page to save your changes.
  2. The Matching Functionality is now activated on your platform.