How does pledging work?

Pledging in crowdfunding refers to the act of making a commitment to financially support a project or campaign before it has reached its funding goal. When a person pledges to support a campaign, they are essentially making a promise to contribute a certain amount of money if the campaign reaches its funding target. 

The pledging functionality on the platform is an option to boost the co-financing feature. Read more about that payment method here. 
Most co-financiers don't pay by iDeal or credit card on the platform, but directly to the initiator. This way the pledge donation will be visible on the campaign page. 

How to set it up?

Go to the Main tab on the member page. Scroll down to ‘Can pledge’ and tick the box. Don’t forget to click on ‘Save and Continue editing’. The member is now ready to make a pledge donation. 

The platform admin allows a member to pay directly to the initiator without the intervention of our financial back office.

When a trusted member makes a donation, the option ‘co-financer pledge’ will be presented.

The invoice will be: "Co-financing pledge"

Co-financing - Pledging

As a trusted co-financer, you are pledging money into this crowdfunding activity. After pledging, we trust you to pay the specified amount of money directly to the initiator/activity manager. A confirmation email will be sent to you, the initiator and the platform administrator.