How do the activity search filters work?

In 'Search activities' you can find all activities and conduct a selective search or use one of the sorting options.

Sorting options

Sort on date: from furthest in the future to furthest in the past, based on the date the event/task takes place or the date before the task needs to be done.

The activity status is not taken into account.

Sort on relevancy: the ranking is based on the following points system:

  • Status is “open”: 20 points
  • Status is “full”: 15 points
  • Status is “succeeded” or “partially funded”: 10 points
  • Location is close of online: 1 point
  • Skill matched: 1 point
  • No skill needed: 0.75 point
  • Theme match: 1 point
  • Recent datum: tot 0.01 point
  • Most recent donation

In this way, the activities always come in order of:

  • Open
  • Full
  • Succeeded/partially funded

Within the open activities, the order is then first determined by matching.  So location, skill & theme, relative to the visitor.
If that does not apply, the system first looks at the recent date (on which the activity ends). Then we look at the most recent donations. With this addition, all campaign activities are first sorted by the expiry date. And activities that end on the same date are then sorted based on recent donations.

Sort alphabetically: on the title of the activity. First numbers and special characters, then A-Z.

Filter options

Depending on the platform settings, pre-filled fields can be set-up and activity search filters can be applied on:

Impact location: Selected by the user during the activity create flow. These locations will also be shown on the initiative map on the homepage. Custom locations can be set-up, please contact your Customer Success Manager for this. 

Date: Based on the next 7 days, the next 30 days, a specific day, and a specific range.

Skill: Based on the expertise the initiator chooses in the project create flow when the question 'Does this task require an expertise' is asked. During the platform implementation standard or customised skills can be set up. 

Type: This filters crowdfunding activities, on a date or during a period of activities. 

Theme: The user selects a theme during the first step in the activity create flow. During the platform implementation standard or customised themes can be set up. 

Category: When the platform uses categories, these titles will be shown in this filter. A category page shows projects that are part of that specific category.  

Status: This filters projects which are realised and done, running projects or all projects. 

Please contact your Engagement Manager or Support if you would like to see changes in the visibility of these filters.