How do I set up restricted access for partners?

For closed platforms, we have developed a feature for partner organisations to have restricted access to your platform. With this restricted access, we provide this user group limited access to the platform

How does it work?

We use role-based access control. All users belong to one or more groups. Groups give a user permission to perform actions.

You can add a group in the backoffice and configure the permissions. This way, you can organise the group’s permissions in accordance with your preferences or, in case of partners accessing a closed platform, with the corporate privacy rules.It is not possible to perform an action without having specific permission.

All authorisation is handled by the API, which means that if a user accidentally finds a page that he/she is not allowed to see, the API knows that the user can’t access the page. In that case we’ll show a pop up with the message that the page can’t be seen, and with a button to take the user back.

What does a partner see?

The partner is only allowed to see its own initiatives and not the homepage, search page and general content pages for employees. The partners land on their own account page. Here they can find all initiatives and activities that are connected to the partner with the current status and option to edit and/or view.

The partners with restricted access see a different header and footer, with only the relevant items to go to. 

When creating an initiative, partners don’t have to see the questions on whether they are teaming up with a partner organisation. If the partner account is set-up correctly, this question won't show.

Adding new partners

Is the Partner group set up? If not, please contact the GoodUp Support team. 

For new partners, the first step is to create a new member profile in the backoffice.  

  1. You enter their email address, their first and last name. 
  2. Add the partner group, delete the 'Authenticated' label, and you’re ready to go! 

The partner automatically receives the welcome email with a link to set up a password. 

Partners log in via: []/partner 

If you don't want your partner to see the question "Are you teaming up with a partner organisation?" when creating an initiative, please add the partner organisation to the user account. In the main tab of the user account, you can select the correct organisation.

Please note that if you don't see 'Partner' in the dropdown in your 'Groups', this is because your own user account isn't added to the Partner group. Due to security settings, you are only allowed to add users to groups you belong to yourself. Contact your platform manager or GoodUp support to fix this.