How do I set up and create a collect activity?

Do you want to enable your platform users to collect items for a good cause? This article will explain to you what the collect activity is, how it works and how you can set it up yourself. 

What is the collect activity?

The collect activity is yet another way for your users to ask people to support their initiative. By selecting this activity type they are able to collect items for a good cause! 

When collecting gifts or meals during the holiday season, this is the go-to activity type! However, there are many more use cases we can support. You can also think of the following examples:

  • collect laptops for a school project in a developing country
  • collect clothes for homeless people in your local area
  • collect old office appliances so they can be recycled

How does it work on the front-end? 

After selecting the collect activity type in the initiative create flow, you can set this up in 3 simple steps:

  1. Give your collection campaign a title and description
  2. Pick an item you want to collect
  3. Set a drop-off location and date

After your activity is live, you can:

  • Easily communicate progress on the number of collected items on the activity page.
  • Use the update wall to reach all the contributors and thank them once you’ve updated the number of collected items.
  • Get insights on all collected items across all collect activities in your reporting. Ensure you’ve updated these activities with the correct number in order for us to properly display this in your reporting!

How can you set it up in the backoffice?

You can easily add and manage the standard list of items you want to collect in your backoffice. This list of items will be available to choose from when creating a collection campaign on the platform. 

Select Collect in the side menu and click on Item to see the current items, Groceries, Laptops and Clothing. You can either disable or adjust these items by clicking on them or Add Items, in the top right of the page.  

In three simple steps you can set up your new to be collected items: 

  1. Enter a Name of the items to be collected in the plural. For example: Bicycles, Clothing or Groceries. 
  2. Enter the name of the Unit in which you want to count the item. For example: Bicycle, Bag of clothing or Crate of groceries. 
  3. Enter the plural unit name in which you want to count the item. For example: Bicycles, Bags of clothing, Crates of groceries. Don't forget to click on Save and continue editing to save your collect item!


To disable a collect item, simply select the Disabled checkbox and click on Save and continue editing.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to