How do I set up an activity that is taking place during a longer period of time?

If you want to create an activity for your overarching initiative, where you request time from participants, you can choose between activities on a specific date, or activities that have an ongoing time frame.


Activities during a longer period of time can be used in the following way:

  1. You need participants for one or more time slots
  2. You need participants during a period.
    • Need participants for a number of days, weeks or months
    • Have an ongoing activity where participants can start or stop at any time
    • Have a task that must be completed before a specific deadline

You are able to add the following elements to this type of activity:

  • Add a start date or leave it open. When leaving a start date open, participants can start as soon as they are accepted for the activity. 
  • Add an end date or leave it open. You can manually end the activity on an activity level or for individual participants.  
  • A deadline for registration (optional)
  • The possibility to add more time slots i.e. to create a morning and afternoon program for your activity
  • Expected hours for each participant. You can choose between a total amount of hours or a set of hours needed on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Please note that the hours will be added to the reporting at the end of each month / week / day. In case you choose for a total amount of hours then the hours are counted as successful from the moment the activity is ended or the individual participation is marked successful. 
  • A location or a meeting link (optional) in case the activity is taking place remotely. 
  • A skill (optional)
  • Amount of participants needed
  • Review and accept the application (in case you first would like to review somebody's registration before accepting him or her to the activity)
  • Adding an image or video
  • Adding impact KPI's

Examples of ongoing activities can be a mentor or a skill-based activity, like a website design or tax advice.