How do I review recently submitted initiatives?

How do I review recently submitted initiatives?

In order for initiatives and activities to go online, they need to be approved from the backoffice.

By reviewing submitted initiatives and activities, you make sure the initiatives on your platform are structured according to your platform guidelines, terms and conditions, or rules of the game, you name it! 

Check the backoffice regularly on 'Recently submitted initiatives'

Make sure to always review submitted initiatives within a few working days.

In the backoffice, you can see the widget 'Recently submitted initiatives'. There is an option to assign yourself as a reviewer, to keep a clear overview when working with multiple platform managers in the backoffice. 

 Check the initiative and its connecting activities

When reviewing, click through all the initiative tabs and make sure to pay attention to the following:

Check the content

  • Check the title and pitch: are they clear & strong?
  • Check the story. Is it not too lengthy and does it clearly explain the goal?
  • Check the basics: theme, add a category if applicable, location, deadline, image, and video.
  • Check the details of the partner organisation.

Check the submitted activities and review crowdfunding separately 

Go to the 'Activities' tab to check the activities:

  • Check the submitted activities: is everything understandable?
  • For a task or an event, are all required fields filled in? When the initiative is approved, the status of those activities will change to open immediately.
  • When it concerns a crowdfunding activity, check the amount and the detailed budget: is this itemised and logical? Change the status on funding level (1), in the 'Status' tab (2) accordingly (3):  Read more on how to review activities.

2. Change the status and inform the initiator

After reviewing, you can choose among three options: 

  1. The initiative doesn’t fit the criteria and should be rejected. If this is the case, select 'Reject'. 
  2. The initiative and connected activities are perfect to go live: you can select 'Approve'.
  3. The initiative and/or connected activities needs some more work. Select 'Needs work'.

Go on the initiative level (1) to the 'Status' tab (2) and select the label that applies (3): 

  1. Automatic email sent to the initiator
  • Is the initiative ready to go live?
    Select 'approve'. On the next page, (de)select the option. An automatic email is generated and sent to the initiator:
    Hi ,

    Good news, your initiative has been approved!
    People can now join your activities. No activities yet? This is the perfect moment to create one (or two), so people can help you reach your initiative’s goal.
    [CTA] View initiative
    Draft activities that are completed and don't need a separate review (so tasks and events) will change to status open. Crowdfunding activities need to be reviewed separately.

  • Does the initiative not fit the criteria?
    Select 'close'. On the next page, (de)select the option to send an email to the initiator to inform him/her that the initiative has been rejected.

    If activities were added under the initiative which are not running or succeeded they are also set to closed.
    An automatic email is generated to the initiator:
    Hi ,
    Unfortunately, your initiative has been closed.
    [CTA] View initiative

  • Does the initiative need some more work?
    Select 'needs work'. On the next page, confirm this stage. Note that a manual email should be sent to the initiator. Immediately email him/her with the URL and some extra tips & tricks.