How do I create an activity on a specific date?

When you want to create an activity where you request time from participants, you can choose to create an activity on a specific date, or an activity that takes place over a period of time.

 Activities on one or more time slots are activities where participants are expected to be present (on a location or remote) on a specific date and within a specific time frame. 

You are able to add the following elements to this type of activity:

  • The office which is hosting this activity
  • A date the activity takes place
  • A start and end time
  • Create multiple time slots (optional)
  • A location or a meeting link (optional) in case the activity is taking place remote. 
  • Preparation time (optional)
  • A deadline for registration (optional)
  • A skill (optional)
  • How many participants do you need (optional)
  • Review and accept the application (in case you first would like to review somebody's registration before accepting him or her to the activity)
  • Adding an image or video
  • Adding impact KPI's (optional)

Examples can be a kick-off event for an employability program or a purpose workshop.