How do I create a reward?

To boost crowdfunding campaigns, you have the option to hand out rewards to supporters. Rewards can be added while setting up the campaign on the platform, or they can be added during the campaign. 

A reward could be a nice present related to your campaign or organisation, or it could be a personal gift for the supporters. For example, you could promise to send a postcard signed by the people you are setting up the project for, create a branded t-shirt, or give away tickets for a workshop hosted by yourself. 
A gift can also be symbolic to show what will be achieved with a donation. One could thus choose to create a reward where a supporter can 'buy' a school uniform for a child in Uganda for 50 euros.

This way the supporter will feel more involved. Just make sure to have a clear description of the reward!

In the create flow, there is one last optional step in which you can add rewards.


If you want to add rewards during the campaign, initiators can go to their crowdfunding page and simply add a reward on the right side of the page by clicking on 'add your first reward'.


Add a reward

In the pop up you can create your reward:

The shipping costs of the rewards are handled by the Activity Manager. Also, the whole settlement for the gifts falls under the responsibility of the Activity Manager. 

Users who are not logged-in are (not) able to select gifts anonymously. Please contact Product Support for more information.