How do I collect money for campaigns?

Collect donations that can be made by any visitor, with or without an account, by going to a project and clicking on the button 'Donate now'. Users have the possibility to choose to donate anonymously. Read more about how to make a donation.

Use (symbolic) rewards to give supporters a nice-to-have present related to your campaign. A gift can also be symbolic, to show what will be done with their donation. Learn more about rewards here.

The platform matches an extra amount that comes from the organisation behind the platform, a fund or a program running the platform. The matched amount will be shown on the project page under the amount asked. Learn about the matching functionality

A co-financer donates a large amount and gets a separate notification on the initiative page. This is a payment used by companies and organisations that want to donate a matching amount. Learn more about co-financing by following this article.

Receive pledge donations to boost the co-financing feature. Most co-financers don't pay by iDeal or credit card on the platform, but directly to the project initiator. Learn how to set-up pledging.