How do I check a payout status?

In the backoffice, you can easily find the payouts ready for approval via the widget on the homepage.

Another way to find the payouts, is to find the link under Funding in the side menu. Use the filter to find the new payouts ready for approval:

For every crowdfunding project - that passes the deadline - a payout is automatically generated.

After the Platform Manager has approved the payout status, the status can be checked again.

 Payouts statuses

  • New – A payout needs approval and needs to be reviewed by the platform manager.
  • Approved – A payout is only shortly in the status approved; it will go immediately to scheduled.
  • Scheduled – A payout is approved and will be processed by GoodUp.
  • Re-Scheduled - A failed payout that is scheduled for reprocessing.
  • In progress – A payout is in progress, the money is transferred.
  • Partially paid – Part of the payout is transferred. This only applies to multi-currency projects.
  • Succeeded. – A payout is transferred successfully.
  • Failed – A payout failed and if possible, will be repaid once more.