How do I check the status of a donation?

Method 1: Donation status on the funding page

When a donation is successfully done, confirmation emails will be sent automatically to the user who donated and to the initiator. The amount will be added up to the crowdfunding bar and an (anonymously) donate message is shown on the updated wall. 

There is also the option to download the successful donations, including the Rewards which have been chosen by the supporters. 

Method 2: Donation statuses in the backoffice

In the backoffice, donation statuses can be checked by selecting 'Donations' in the sidebar menu and using the search filters. Or if you want to see the donations of a specific initiative, select 'Initiatives' in the sidebar to find the initiative. Click on the tab 'Amount' to select 'Donations'.

The donation statuses mean the following: 

  • Created - The user clicked on the donation button and selected an amount. If the user stops here, the donation's status will stay 'created'. 
  • Locked - The user chose a payment method and is in the process of donating with the Payment Service Provider DocData. If the user stops here, the donation status will stay locked. 
  • Pending - The user has completed the donation process. The donation is visible on the page of the campaigner. The donation is not yet confirmed by the bank. This might take a few hours or days depending on the payment method. If the donation has this status for more than 3 days, please contact us so that we can check with the Payment Service Provider. 
  • Success - Successful donation.
  • Failed - The donation failed because the cancelled the donation or because the Payment Service Provider did not accept the donation.

Method 3: Export donations in Excel 

Exports of donations can be made in CSV. format.

Go to the first ‘Detail’ tab of the crowdfunding:

Select (all) donations and click on 'Export as CSV' in the dropdown under the donations.

Note that in some Excel programs, the order of donations is not standardly based on the date, so please review the full list if you are checking this.